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i ve had this app for about 2 years in the 2 years i ve had it i ve only redeemed 5 once a lot of the tasks that are in this app require you to play other games that take so long for example one of the games requires you to get to level 151 i thought hm okay for 7 000 points sure why not i downloaded said app and it took me 3 whole days to reach level 5 absolutely ridiculous i honestly just watch the 37 videos a day that it gives me and redeem the 20 daily points that racks up 94 points a day that is pretty reachable but for a whole 5 months i didn t get a single ad i couldn t figure out as too why but i moved into a new apartment recently and it gave me back my 37 ads a day to do the math for you if you were to watch the daily ads and check in every day at the end of the month you would have accumulated 2 820 points so basically every 2 months you could easily cash out 5 this app isn t reliable for making money but it is simply just watching ads on your own time that last about 30 seconds ish i don t know why i have this app still considering majority of the reviews are from one the tasks rating the game 5 stars for free points listen to the negative reviews because they re not just there to take up space tldr app is janky watch ads only don t waste your time payout of 5 takes 2 months to reach


find helpful videos information on selling and in depth help articles in the orders listings marketing performance and payments tabs in seller hub locate learning resources links on the left hand navigation in each of these tabs to get started

with mypoints you can earn up to 20 points per dollar when shopping online mypoints works with major retailers like amazon walmart and ebay you can earn 4 points per dollar on mypoints pay to play games or up to 2 200 points to take a survey

while nothing online is 100 safe paypal is committed to ensuring maximum security for its users and has policies in place to help get your money back if you ve been scammed unfortunately scammers are only getting better at bypassing these measures and stealing your money and sensitive information


another great thing about making free paypal money through micro tasks is how quickly and easily it can be done from home or anywhere else with an internet connection you don t need to leave your house or commute long distances just to get a job instead you can just find one online and start working right away all you need is your laptop or smartphone and you re good to go


paypal is an easy secure online payment service use your paypal account to send money and accept payments you can send money to online merchants or from friends family and individual sellers and receive money from them as well